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has attained the acme, usually a point between 102° and 104°. The

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are sometimes termed " adenoceles," and in the thyroid gland bronchoceles.

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At the first glance the resemblance of these symptoms to those of

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symptoms. After the crisis the temperature of the typhoid reasserts itself,

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quence no more exempt from syphilitic inflammations than other parts.

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liarity of shape designed for the production of irritation.

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reaction, which, if done properly, is absolutely to be trusted. But here,

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latest example on a large scale in England being the Maidstone epidemic of

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special causae, but to the causes of disease acting upon the embryonic

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about 70° F.), or the cold pack, or one may rub the patient with ice, or

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tion, by the last census, 80,3!25. — A celebrated compounder of medicine,

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was thickened and of a dusky-red color, showing established inflamma-

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except in size, in the various parts of the mouth. The teeth have persistent pulps,

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ptosis and diplopia. Aifections of the special senses, as sounds in the ears

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Perspirations were absent in one tenth of the cases in which there were

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air, partksularly to a temperature below that of the body ; pain in the parts,

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drums and allowed to cool, after which it is ready for the market. Con-

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The, fumes from nitric acid, which has been accidentally spilt, have on

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1 to 4^ is still preserved. Whereas, if the lungs are obstructed by to«

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bronchi, in which tubular casts have been found. The kidneys may be

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■Ifaatttre in writing on the label, and the Supfiorter >as Its title embmnned upon irs envi^lofitt.

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necessary, in consequence of an aneurism of the femoral artery in a

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article (v. Balneology)). But, as a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to

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are divided. The anterior pillar of the fauces is next divided, and the tongue can

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nay, generally, confined to one texture, organ, or cavity, tubercle is apt

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2. Bacterium gingivce jti/ogenes. — Abdominal injections, death from ten to

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size, separated by a mesial fissure, and lies in the superior and anterior

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blood was deposited in the brain ; that the coloring matter became ab-

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Remarkable Case of Dropsy, — From Dr. Dunglison we learn that M.

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As the seat of the disease was found to exist in the liver, little etten*

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climates, such as Madeira, the West Indies, and other tropical or semi-

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Cancer, though structurally the same in all the situations in which it

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Tkb subscribers have associated for the purpose of ilviug medical instruction. A conTenicnt fvem

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