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These phenomena should be used with caution in diagnosis. The

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CAUTERY. Of these the last two are primarily surgical in their

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distinguishable that one form could be transformed into the other.

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in this human vivisectional experiment all the conditions are truly ful

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of our schools. The question would force itself to the front whether

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the canes and walked with but a slight hitch in his gait.

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Mix and give a dose of one tablespoonful twice a day

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have seen a reference to citrated milk under the heading of

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In this instance at least it cannot be claimed that the

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the neck is free and forms an irregularly projecting crest the presence and

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Pains began p. m. November but in spite of the fact that

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tubercle bacilli and this reaction of the tissues is the essential

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present. Many of the so called nasal diseases the hypersentitive rhinitis the

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way on the th June and were fully developed two days after

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follows upon stimulation of the lingual if the lingual

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tinctness of vision occur. In one of these it was observed only

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anamnesis of wbich pregnancy or the puerperium played a role. This

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about the lower half of Scarpa s triangle. The swelling

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badly infected districts like South Africa however fair

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there is some fever. Morj hine is occasionally nec

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physician is the doctor of the soul as well as of the body.

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Injected intratracheally with cc. of the suspension of lung tissue from Rabbit I.

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type of organism were noticeable especially during the peak of the

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one specific question which the material at our disposal

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to pass the pin through the integuments as Professor Simpsou

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