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yet in each example one or more comes into greater prominence. Itching

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6. Congenital; sometimes inherited vulnerability of the

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•children are sometimes open and at other times closed. Furthermore, I have

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period that the schools of that country, in nearly every

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such an affection, the treatment is by continuous pressure, or by

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On Ethics and Discipline.— J. A. Gage, J. W. Bartol,

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ber 2, 1878 {vide a partial report on the case in New York Medical Record,

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butter, or dripping, and green vegetables, or ripe fruit in small

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A more extensive report of his investigations into the development of fun-

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strators of Anatomy ; E. A. P. Riky, M. D., Instructor in

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nations regarding the abstruse problems have appeared

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dotted or streaked with black. It was then easy to demonstrate that

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that it might be owing to blood which had begun to coagulate

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eat plaster, egg-shells, and small stones. If there is a definite

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type or another. You see a tendency to a talipes valgus, but the

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* I would not willingly represent the diagnosi:^ of the seat of disea^je

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REPUBLIC LEASING will buy your car for full dollar value and let you keep it. That’s right.

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particularly of the floor, have enormous influence upon

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He objects to opium ; yet confesses that it is sometimes of

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and it is possible that, in some instances, the inflammation may be confined chiefly to

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great arch of the colon. The diameter of the cyst was full six

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gained, in the majority of instances, without the assist-

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from 55 to 60 per cent. ; Zancarol, also in Egypt, in 444 cases, elic-

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movement. The movement is also quite as steady and powerful

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ages citywide activities and procedures that create bet-

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Conditions affecting the Constitution, in 1,000 Phthisical Persons,

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slight consequence when compared with the great advantages

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ing fluids is that they ave fungus germs. These little animalcules, if you

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