ent in the gland, in addition to the edema, and to the enormous


from a ruptured tubal pregnancy, which for days and

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the Committee on National Legislation was referred to the

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out what it is, where it is, and determine what methods are

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Case 193.— Operator, Amlson, 1894. Lumbar region ; duration,

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other organs may be reversed as well. The gall bladder,

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pation. His pulse was 70, temperature 99 F.; respirations 20.

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spondence, and procure materials necessary for the completion

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meeting of the Association, printed in the last and

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insnfllciency or polyarthritis. The results are more favorable

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according to the time allotted. In these may first be

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phenomenon, but it is not necessarily localized exclusively in

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75. — Spinal Accessory Pftralysis. — Post-operative or trau-

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toms of low-grade cerebral inflammation, and holds it is prob-

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always be increased, however, because his services are utilize^

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fibrous, whitish tumor was found in the right lung, which

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predecessors have been called from their worldly activi-

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April. Paper. Pp. 27. Published by the Society. 1901.

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be dear that death in cases of cancfer comes about, as in so

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terated in one state can be taken to another and sold.

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the cliffs overhanging the Mississippi, and commanding

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color defect. Dr. Edridge Green, however, is one of

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the existence of this disease, is hardly touched upon in

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13. Anestheala-Faralyals. — The paralysis which is observed

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perfected an easy, rapid and safe method of opening the

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Another feature Is for the National quarantine officers to ad-

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of the seven members residing in New York. It is not

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tioner by giving practical prescriptions and, in brief, methods

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assistance. No intravenous injection of saline solution.

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Atlas and Epitome of the Nebvots System and Its Diseases.

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