Luvox Vs Anafranil For Ocd

;r the application of strong ammonia to the nostrils. This had been em-

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made of headache. The improvement in °^ "^'^^ neck. Patient was bedridden for

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Academy of Medicine held February 28th, a bill abol-

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inject, but as it was the only preparation I had at hand.

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rat, leaking ceilings, leaking walls, and squishy carpets when it

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charge that we owe the cases of glanders in man. In man

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Tribune. As she gained in flesh and strength, she be-

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Operative Surgery of the GallBladder. — Gall-stones

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actually seen must obviously be of immense value in diagnosis.

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coloured, as the colour does not run, and the effect of each

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injection of atropine causes it at once to resume its pulsation. The appearance

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wholesome milk, giving in it a teaspoonful of Blood Flour, and a

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quences will be serious to the entire community. Less

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In order to elucidate this rare condition, I wish to consider inflamma-

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Louisville; "Angina Pectoris," Dr W. S. Foulk, Canton. Dr DeWitt's

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Gynsec. & Piediat., Best., 1895-6, ix, 19-29.- Binhley

luvox vs anafranil for ocd

wrote without more difficulty thnn would be expected from using the left

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symptoms are due, in part, to the pressure of the distended veins, axA,^

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the attempt has been successful the fluid can easily be

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so often encountered in the spring and summer, are frequently

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of McFarland Moore, of Cooper Hewitt, in the direction of

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same sensations as they did at the moment of breathing it."

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operation followed and a gall stone was found about six inches

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lung is not so uncommon as is generally supposed. During

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malformation, syphilis, inflammation of the umbilical cord,

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procedure as practiced by otologists on the sinus; the exclusion of the throm-

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depths in the urine is due to .some mechanical interfer-

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medicine hardly as y^t existed. In the July number of

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if possible, repair the injury. (5) If atony exists and hemor-

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faultily, or during the desquamation, probably not at all, per-

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One or other, if not all, of these symptoms will commonly be

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