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the poles, the navigator is occasionally startled at the prospect of fields

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These results are in accord with the idea that strophanthin remains

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enlarge the neck of the bladder so as to admit more than two

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on a most extensive experience. I must refer you for the

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in October, 1901, and his heart found normal. In January, 1902,

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spine, of septic gangrene of the leg, of lupus, and of

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tion, incision, and external division; and exhibits what he considers are the

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and he had died in this position, without the power to raise an alarm or

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IV. — Oct. 20, 1835. — Was called to make a post-mortem examination

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into a system of routine, to dwell only on his own peculiar views, and,

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was regarded by all of his cotemporaries in the profession as more

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Weaning ought not, however, to take place, if the child suffers con-

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80° or 75°, the old trouble will return. In one case I kept

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innocence in relation to the cause which instigated the commission of the

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674,805. Hygienic handkerchief pocket or receptacle, Anna M.

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(PRO). The Boone Docs (Boone County Medical Society

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tbe ingredients of which it is prepared. I have frequently sent for it, of

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and the mesocolon may be considerably shortened and ad-

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defensive medicine purposes, and we need tort reform

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J. C. Oliver, of Miami Medical College, who spoke of the second

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This capacity of the cells for increased activity under

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to quinine ; the latter pursued its course uninfluenced by

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mother of case 2d; residence the same; sick two weeks; admitted to dispen-

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stated as follows: i, all direct stimulants to fibrous

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haps, also of the ujiper limbs, accompanied often by rigidity of the muscles

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in the class did not excrete any 17 Ketosteroids, however,

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and deepening voice. Adverse reactions are infrequent and usually reversible

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After less than ten minutes of manipulation the needle

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