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foot became gangrenous. As a line of demarcation formed below

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Case i. Permanent Restoration of the Functions of a

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By us, for practical purposes, it may be regarded as a

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of lustrous steel and wings of burnished copper ; and

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cut up and the inmates have only a smooth horn knife

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distended bladder, and infiltration of urine into the perinicum, scrotum, penis, and groins. A deep incision was made in the raphe of

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apparatus ; to which are added, 0, traumatic, and 7,

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often seen him look in a glass, gnash his teeth, stamp

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year, and shall be considered as due unless notice of withdrawal be

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detailing his experience of mugwort in epilepsy, he

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" medical errors" — I have met and refuted in the

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of facial neiuzilgia, the duration of the complaint is,

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certain period, and a certificate of health is produced.

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Surgical Fever and its causes, and its greater hability

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that they sink gently down, or at least ajjpear to do

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ally' combine the spiiit of nitrous ether and tincture

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more needles were ever requisite, "their would

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For the facts contained In the following history of the case I am

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grumous blood. The veins of the membranes in a similar

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Revelations of Quacks and Quackery. Reprinted from the "Me-

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for four minor scholarships will be held in Downing

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It is with poetry as with flowers or fruits, and the

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mained quite well for a month, when a slight threat-

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ties which are short of the quadriceps, is shown by

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of England, were canvassed for the purpose ; and he

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duce the nxunber of instruments used in ojjerations.

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And here lies the turning-point or gist of the whole

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only manner in which this great excess of jn-isoners

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tongue at the same time became cleaner and more ex-

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ceased boy died from exhaustion from the absence of

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of its action. The following is a short abstract of his

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D. 5. The club-hunting D. 6. The Burr D., centaurea cal-

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