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tases. Beyond ten years prostate cancer is the cause of
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tract. The intestines and peritoneum are frequently covered with flakes
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has also been produced in monkeys by similar cultures as well as
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fulous cachexy has yet many points of resemblance with the latter
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press the vital powers and especially the circulation. Heroic
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There was no breeze and fortunately for any movement of the
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squills and digitalis appear to produce coma without previous delr
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are a fruitful cause of hemorrhage and of Meniere s
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closed by the swelling of the integuments the tongue was
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signs rendering the diagnosis sufficiently easy and positive. The diminished
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tent the receiving ventricle Here it is important to bear in mind
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tially different since in delirium tre tight round an artery as to divide
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probable that in cases where the pars intermedia or the posterior lobe has
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form evincing a gangrenous character coming out in patches and produc
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amount of pus in these cases any one who has seen the stinking
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human disease with emphasis on mechanisms of disease and changes occurring
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November meeting of the Douglas County Medical Socie
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days but more commonly the affection is chronic and the patient
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was extremely rapid and she looked seriously ill. Next day the throat
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The prevalence for some time back of east and north east
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the thoracic duct. There is little danger of injuring
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matory material became deposited over this opening you
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Pepper William. University Medical Magazine February .
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ness and these are readily mistaken for fibroids. They are
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fell into a semi comatose state and was with difficulty made to swallow
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on the mucous membranes of the genital organs and from
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with half life of. days and this slope is parallel to
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and coma. Management of acute phendimetrazine tartrate

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