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tibia and fibula, after the ligamentous attachments of these bones have

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Anti-hygienic Surroundings. — Second only to hereditary influence are


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slightly downward. An indistinct thrilling sensation is often imparted to

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asthma. Chronic alcoholismus is one of its frequent causes.

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an infection of the ducts of Bartholin, or to an irritation and inflamma-

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Percussion in abscess shows an area of hepatic dulness either uniformly

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local in character. The most characteristic are the changes which occur

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ations for tracheotomy, the high and the low operation. The high oper-

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Manipulation in case of hemorrhage should not be directed toward

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liest and most extensively is the spleen. We find this organ undergoing

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from spasmodic action of muscles, such as happen in vomiting, delirium,

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Treatment. — The treatment is the same as in the other forms of

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I)anitis, as well as intestinal catarrh, usually precedes the occurrence of

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them fifteen minutes a day, during three days, at a temperature of 100° C.

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Treatment. — Inasmuch as the cause of the disease is unknown, the

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to have afavoralde influence.' Death may occur from valvular disease of

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In tuaxy degeneration of the liver, there is a history of syphilis, pro-

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tion during both day and night, is of the utmost importance. The tem-

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nearly all the surgeon's efforts are directed, an aseptic condition would

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lowing the chill there is nausea and vomiting, the face is flushed, the con-

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condition of general debility, rickets, poverty and destitution, a residence

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-eenoi/s thrombus A, by the Wood the clot or those from the Tasa vasorum develoT,

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the skin may not be broken. Any parts of the skin which may have

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sideration with the interference with the general circulation, or the

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or eight o'clock in the morning it has reached its minimum, which is a de-

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ily coated, in another it is clean, large, and indented. The urioie often

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Exophthalmus is often more marked on one side than the other, and is

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for instance. Foreign bodies, as calculi and parasites, in the bile passages

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Stricture of the oesophagus is accompanied by gradually increasing

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choroiditis. The diagnosis of these affections can be made by means

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will even be exaggerated into a depression beneath the acromion pro-

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splenization are absent in hypostatic congestion. The lung texture itself is

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