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homologous with the calcium chamber of birds, and that the calcium
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The patient first experiences a singular itching and
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The prognosis in eclampsia is always grave and there is little
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investment for them, as well as us. And if we bequeath it
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there is no evidence that she ate any of the loco weed. Apparently
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t« attend. We have in vivid recollection the delightful expos^ of modern
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found that several subjects embraced in the curriculum,
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complain of pain in the region of the kidney, wluch radiates along the
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fully sensible of the disadvantage under which he is liable to be
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Leven 14 obtained 7.67 per cent, of protein in the blood serum from
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ening and destruction of nerve-tissue, which can not be replaced.
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a glass of water, or to pick up a pin, resulted in most excessive motions
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men of a very rough calculus of uric acid and oxalate
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[ am aware that this will be considered by many as a
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means, the latter including the waters of Carlsbad, Vichy,
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*' Gruner " and of ** Schwabe." These authorities will now
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uteri through the antero-lateral portion of the vagina, the author as-
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Dr. J. A. Morris, Oxford: Dr. Sisk is right in wanting to make
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say recent, yet its germ is ancient. For example, in the cele-
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about one case. It had been decided not to let the patient die
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but physicians were careless, too, in writing prescriptions.
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The pictures of the attitudes of the head and of the whole body, of a labyrinthic origin
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6.7 per 10,000 in 1993. The study found that one-fifth of
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tories and coal mines, and the habits of life have changed less than in northern
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dilate or swell to let it pass, and then immediately regain their former
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fully recognised, of the study and practice of Medicine upon
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may lay open, or by accidental change of position they may
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extensively with the cirrhosis of the liver, or be secondary
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are supplied to me daily. They yield most interesting information when
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her sixtieth birthday. She stated that she had ceased to menstruate at 50, and she
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POLHEMUS, Major Adrian 8., and Gandy, Major Charles M., sur-
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festations of influenza in the absence of a positive re-
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collecting; all the cases of malignant disease treated in the
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streptococci, but in the superficial lesions almost pure growths of
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This sense is affected as a symptom in diseases. It is frequently
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If, however, in exceptional cases the transfer of a patient to a hospi-
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pepsia associated with aniemia. The })Ovvder of iron reduced by hydrogen is

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