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poison from the blood stream, but with our present methods that
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some powerful atmospheric cause of which hitherto we have not been permitted
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over the occiput and the face. In Fig. 3, c represents the centre
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every eight sufferers either angina or uncomfortable sensations
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filled with pus. In the elbow joint the epiphyses of the os
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to consider the disease in its totality. According to what we have said
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2. After division of the fascia, draw the edge of the gastro-
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can show a red composed of rays from the terminal portion of the
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I One of the means recommended for distinguishing narcotic poisoning from
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Dr. Townsend be requested to sit for his portrait or bust."
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There remains only to call attention to the changes
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as could be determined they were all cases of tubal
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3. Bacillus influenzce was present at the time of this study in the
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about two inches at the operation, and by appropriate mechanical aids, it
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charity was a blow that should have been resented, and
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digital examination, and the easy escape of the injected fluid.
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Being porous, no obstruction is offered to the entrance of cold lotions, and
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slices, infuse into the jelly the rind of the pineapple (well
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there is no great heat to weaken the body by exhalation; nor great cold, to make
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way that printed headings may serve as a guide during the elaboration of
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I am quite satisfied that a coil can be made for deep therapy with dry
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stance; injection of superficial veins and also mesenteric yes-
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typical case of enteric, intestinal, or typhoid fever, are of such a
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showed a total attendance of 8,530 children. If the percentage
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urine ; small^ detached evacuations with slow and sluggish discharge, and
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