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tures of the tumors are to be borne in mind. One point in the diagnosis is
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mess forces; that, therefore, the meat and other foods must not be
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with collapse of the lungs in operations on the chest wall,
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1. Give name and number of the bones that constitute the hunian pelvis. #
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in Ireland "Asiatic cholera" in 1832, and "black death"
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in the erection of a block of buildings in St. Ann's-square,
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lems, but the rank and file of hygiene workers need reinforce-
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who was about four years old, went immediately out to search for the comb,
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frequent epistaxis, and the patient recalls having heard that her
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Developmental diseases (or those arising from abnormal
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hesions may be found running in various directions, and
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3. Since it is not liable to be diverted for beverage use, and is
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which produced more or less of a gurgling sound and caused at-
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may develop on an old ulceration, an itch pustule, an insect bite, a
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was their second child. The mother had had two other children (both
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to indicate the “stuff” of which a patient is made.
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the utmost care. There is no substitute for the mother's or nurse's
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conveniently, and, according to our own observation, as safe-
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of all the symptoms, especially dyspnoea, and death having
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of and continued. Sul)3cqucntly we were both in attendance until
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In the Therapciitische Monatshefte for April, 1902, Veit
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Those who have much to do with surgical cases will find it
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papillary body into the fluid of the vesicles, and by the purulent
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in mahgnant disease of the stomach, the presence of a distinct permanent
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large mononuclear cells and polymorphous-nuclear leucocytes, the latter
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part. He considered it injudicious to force the tube open in
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practical diagnosis. Some such conditions are rare, such as the " akinesia
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mouth and nose, which is liable to be irritated by the anesthetic,

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