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It further appears that a certain amount of control over the

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woman 62 years of age. She vomited continuously for six weeks, after com-

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with diminution of cranial perception, tinnitus, and dizziness. 3. Deafness

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suture. The portion of the skin in the intestine is shaped like a

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various directions in which the power may be exhibited ; in the control

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students of my clinical class, I had to resort to the device of gumming

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Shall the profession be subservient to the politically appointed

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who present a poor surgical risk without proper preparatory treatment,

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as phthisis, syphilis, cancer, and typhoid fever, which are generally

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affected by conditions difficult to control, it is preferable to the

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formerly contracted. This is very important and tends to free and

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epiglottis, and in some instances some of its fibres are continuous into the

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manent lesion. Some local disorders involving the urethra, bladder, or

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In acute intestinal obstruction it is apparent that the occlu-

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adhesions. The fact that he was relieved only by the recumbent

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arrow head stones (liver itinea) and gravel and detritus, a patent

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stone. Braasch reported negative finding in 20% of a large number

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vulsions and up to his time of death markedly exaggerated. Blood

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to the stage of the disease (just as is observed in human phthisis), with

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admitted into the Royal Infirmary, Newcastle-on-Tyne, for cough and

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was " laudable pus," and he believed that they were cured in spite

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by experts in physical diagnosis, ever since the times of Laennec

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pounded to the Neuropsychiatrist acting on army disability

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cure was due to the means designated, this case is quite unique and note-

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ately tamponned with iodoform gauze to prevent the bougie from going exter-

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history : She was well on the previous morning, and was playing on

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to any business man, and that might be accepted as a strong

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and Hospital, I did the inguinal colostomy and constructed the

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finished has contributed any aid to us in this next greatest war of

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entire profession for certain definite objects ; and, second : to supply

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find a place in the symptom complex. Witness a woman the

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and that the isolated round ligaments be caught and handled by,

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the arrangement of his text, it '^embodying the synthetic blassifij

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chanical aids to increase the efficiency of the senses of man. There-

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Seidlitz powder or other saline, and an enema, medicated if pre-

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one or two ounces of the iodoform emulsion were injected. Where there

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