Noroxine Cystite

introduced hypnotics, and which initiated the series of ex-
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rapid improvement in them all. I have besides observed
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attached to infant life. He was confident that tliis
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operation was due to the way in which the forceps were put
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tine. A continuous suture, includinrj tlie mucous membrane,
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paratus described in the Bkitish Medical Jodenal for June
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medical men professionally interested in the public health
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Dr. Hexey Ashbt (Manchester), observed that one of the
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l..iO ; Obstetric, daiiv. 1.3o : o.p., Tu. W. F. S., 1.30 ; Eye, M. Th.,
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cluding the so-called albuminates and peptonates, cannot be
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appearances or morbid anatomy of the disease. In certain
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of some special branch, is, as a rule, a formidable production
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needlessly hampered by restrictions which are looked upon
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I shall deal first with our most recent case, which is also the
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^\,^\ i°/Pr'*^^' f*^** themselves a great deal of trouble on
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AdjoininfT the ballet room was another for ladies, 18 feet by
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The fourth was retro-esecal, and I had to dissect very deeply
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Case xii. In uh'eli the Appendix was Ad^I.ereut to the Bladder.— A
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at all events, till promotion comes to men who are younger
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M R.C S., L.R C.P , LS.A., Guy's Hospital : L Fothergill Coi'egeof
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published in the British Medical .Iournal, it is stated tliat
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of the solid tissues. Operation was more urgent than when
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every sense alive to the possibility of deception. This frame
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and not from Colonel R. W. Edis. nor has this officer had anything to
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7.02 per cent., the notifications of the succeeding four weeks
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Stewart Mci^onville. M. D., .'ird (the Klythswood) Volunteer Battalion
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or some analogy between the two diseases : (3) clinical facts
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L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., of The Mall, Wanstead, Essex, to Sarah
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occupation. A curious case has arisen out of this state of the law. The
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Kditor 4L*vi, strand, W.C, London ; those concerning business matters
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consumption— malassimilation. It is necessary to sup-
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GrGLiELMO Jebvis, Conservatore del R. Museo Industriale
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Birkenhead, and Blackburn ; and " fever" in Sunderland and Gateshead.
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M. B., 2ud Volunteer Battnlion Durham Light Infantry (late the 2nd
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splenic capsule, pleura, tunica vaginalis, etc. As to the

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