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William Snodgrass, jun., in the Venereal Department of the

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a systolic murmur may be present, and the second aortic sound is

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having had either a chancre or gonorrlm-a. He caiir

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ism with epilepsy. De. Dercum thought the condition not

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sent to permit it, that he should postpone the remainder of

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brondii, to be ejected thence by haemoptysis or bronchorrhagia proper,

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peutical value of both being enhanced by combination.

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of medicines which, from their irritant action, will tend to increase or pro-

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irritation: it is caused by excess in the natural or healthy action

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fact, one gams the impression that noxious effluvia constantly rose from and

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probable formation of a Conjoint Examining Board, postpone

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three distinct senses, which it is important not to confound.

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sidering the second and third factors, it is obvious that different

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osus, or the ear-point. These residuary structures are now regarded by

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pericardium, and there were no marks of dropsical e£fusion in any of the serous cavities,

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general blood movement and the local congestion; third, to control the

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Some Observations on Endoscopy — Four Difficult Cases — C. N. Pt < U r,

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The frontal lobes were wide at the base but narrow toward

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A view is given by Dr. Ilammond (p. 381) of a design of Poyet (Paris,

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and separate enough to permit of isolated damage) with sensory centres

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Kecurrence: On November 11, 1912, in Dr. Lack's absence, I

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about one foot four inches cUameter, placed securdy at eadi

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protective as if their course and symptoms were severe.

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the above description of myxedema, b rare; but milder, less pronounced cases

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gressive change naturally envelopes all the volitional centres

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are involved. That principle may be applicable to other cases, but

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