What Is Glucotrol Prescribed For

impaired on the side opposite the tubercles affected ; and Weinland con-

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ward this line of suture is buried by interrupted Lembert

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By J. B. Horton, M.D., Staff Assistant-Surgeon, etc. London : Churchill

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some instances where chloroform was supposed to be the fatal

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the tenor of his remarks on labour — tedious labour — we feel

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It quite frequently happens that the appearance of the first

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tion in 1 each, and in 2 cases the cause was not determined.

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teresting to the family physician as to the orthopedist,

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are to be seen of the size of a crown piece. In such cases, which

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gradually increased to 18, corresponding to 83 per minute.

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of torticollis the lower part of the muscle is very rarely, if ever,

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who receives the prize shall publish his essay in book form,

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Willmar for fifty years, and Dr. C. E. Gerretson, who

what is glucotrol xl used for

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we can do better. I am well aware that malignant growths disseminate

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ous possibilities, and the reader is promptly jarred

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city. It is a piece of perfect mechanism composed of an

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Carbon Monoxide Hemoglobin. In cases of coal-gas poisoning, the

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The treatment consists in an evacuation of the bowels

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bottom of the vessel, and on solid mutton serum, glassy, trans-

what is glucotrol prescribed for

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mained perfectly movable, her gait normal." Dr. Kum-

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as in the case of disseminate sclerosis. An instiincc in which a j)eculiar

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which is not subjected to education as the arm. The tendency to use one side

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aneurism of the abdominal aorta. The characters of an aneurismal tumor are

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m6d.de Bordeaux, 1889-90, xix, 381 ; 389. . Du myome

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not enter upon any of the more abstruse points connected with

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cart^age. This phenomenon appears to be connected with the enlarge-

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sure (50 gm. is sufficient) is necessary, in order that the error due to the time con-

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disturbance of nervous function is chiefly manifested

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first examination is for the purpose of establishing whether the child

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George Summer (Pediatrics) and Dr. John Hill (Pharmacology) will utilize

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ities in which intermittents were most frequent, (p. 11 7. J

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