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has been given. The authors have studied its action on hiiman beings.
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the galvano cautery two or three times. It would cicatrize nicely
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Administered internally, Listerine is promptly effective in arrest-
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and the lines above, 101°, 102°, etc., represent in inches the height of the fundus
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was grafted from the adjacent temple upon the ball of
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Ab I have kept most of the patients, whom I have treated for syphilis,
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symptoms are rare in embolic apoplexy as compared with apoplexy from
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Prank, Ph. G., M. I)., Professor of Materia Medica and Clinical Medi-
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expose the prostate as freely as possible to sight and touch by
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;birth. A remarkable case of this kind has been communicated to the ' Medical
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fruits. There is good reason also to believe that alcohol in all its forms is
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tube is centrifugalized and the plasma pipetted off. Slight hemo-
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mastitis can originate in dietetic transgressions or cold, is a con v^"*^*^^*
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official Latin titles ; if we wish to be correct, we must
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The influence of the faradic current, transmitted from
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the head of the femur on to the dorsum ilii. — Frofuse suppura-
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modern syphilology, beginning with Metchnikoff and Roux. In a short
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sent, however, certain peculiarities which render the diagnosis
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ther illustrations of this very important point, which
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fronted — and they met it. California, in 1876, through
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There is no method for the determination of the absolute quantity of per-
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Ithis is rather a question of degree. A due supply of nervous force is re-
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of these appear to us upon examination to have been unqualified
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erated and Enhanced by Vertigo. — If a person while in a
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Dilatation of the outlet may occur in arteriosclerosis involving the
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death when their existence had not been suspected during life.
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little, tlie rarity of the disease and the fact that it is always a congenital
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the symptoms may be suggestive or even pronounced, but physical signs
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that the prevailing epidemic swallows up all other diseases,

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