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decreased 10, 20, yes, 50 per cent ; and if in the same epidemic serum
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June 9, 1897, the date of his decease, Dr. Smith's life was
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The hypertrophy was removed. After two weeks, the patient
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" The specimen sent for examination is a bleeding polypus of the
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case seek out the specific cause, and if in our ourselves, rectify it, if from the mis-
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Among the results of cicatrization of the ulcer the most important
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equivocally propagated by contagion. "I visited (says he), on
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highly competent in special fields ; yet it was not until an ex-
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centers converge to a common center where the memories
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were apparently the most susceptible to musical influ-
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absolute amounts of phenolsulphonephthalein recovered within a definite time
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Odriozola in 1858, Velez in 1861, and Dounon in 187 1, the last named
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force is distributed, it may be with some inequality and excitement. The
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escape through the pylorus much earlier than solids dates
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the whites of three eggs, having previously well whisked them.
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1887, xvi, 47-53. Also, lieprint. — Pier«l'houy (A.)
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While we are always able to recognize some positive
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ger. Pencilling of cleansed and dried accessible parts
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thereabout, to have a superiority over other metallic salts
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case and in this, plainly indicate the close relation between its intima
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black, putrid mass, with a brown fluid flowing from the mouth and
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month because cases occurred in the doctors, nurses and hospital
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since his graduation, — in the prosperity of his college and
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since without it the outcome is necessarily fatal, and "with more exact
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aodfOotwithstandiDg the hjpenemia beyond the embolus, there is loss or
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should have been trephined ; but of course there are a
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grammes of saltpetre to i litre of water ; to this is added
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apparatus than the general practitioner has at his disposal. The salt so-
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days more, being lightly touched each day, were entirely healed.
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sive poison. Largely diluted, it is administered as an an-
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Edema of legs has disappeared. Palpable mass (tumor ?) in epigastrium.
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cision of the tubes and ovaries were utilized for this
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brane took i>lace so rapidly, occurring, as examinations alter
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stimulants. Remedies can be given with a hypodermic needle,

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