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Diplococcus intracellularis. There is no case on record in which it has
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so that there may be direct contact between the substance in solution
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those who cannot otherwise have our help, be exposed. It
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Ist. That the Board do not consider themselves as approving the doctrines contained in any of the
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Clinical Point of View. — The president introduced
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not so often seen as the previously mentioned conditions ; and
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of tlie Legislature. Dr. Storrar said tliat any proposal from
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makes it illegal to retain them there when proper provision is
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specified in the medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations;
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artery or of the rupture of an aneurysmal sac that has its seat in a branch of
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eeptiiig at this period. There is no fiixed rule as to the duration of
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that he was the father of her unborn child. He was re
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difficult in the pioneer settlement. In attempting to collect his bills, prior to
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Dr. Richmond responded. The first paper was by Dr. Hal Foster of Kan-
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Other important manufactures of Benger's Food Ltd., are :
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is elevated, and, by manipulation and firm bandaging, divested as much
In the parietal peritoneum and also in the visceral peri-
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contributed to the subject in an article on " Temporary
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found that if he passed a fine probe down the carotid artery
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lency, and of previous good health, having gone to bed
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efforts should be directed mainly toward the elimination of the poisons.
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amoeboid masses, containing bodies which he believed to be the germs of
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many — are not altogether dependent on what they see or hear for the
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crossed the Atlantic in a boat alone, was desirous of seeing him, and got
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Can a Patient Judged by the Court to be Incompetent Still be Considered "Decisional"
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after the type of pemphigus, and it is possible that this may explain
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It is urged that Christ would qoI advocate the use of wine
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most commonly observed in chronic catarrh of the upper air-passages,
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intestinal obstruction without operative intervention.
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resting and valuable chapter. It forms an admirable introduction to that which
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by the Surgeon-General of the Army. The relief under this appropriation
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The evening session opened at 7.30 o'clock. Dr. Sa.m-
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wine and twenty drops of sweet spirits of nitre, in a little gruel, for
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twenty-five years of age. The menopause had occurred four
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quent history is so far satisfiictory. Notwithstanding the con-
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Section of the Spinal Cord, showing the Exudate on the Surface,

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