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book account, entirely separate and distinct from the classi-
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micro organisms beside the specific diphtheritic germ.
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Genus: Streptococcus Billroth. Division parallel and always
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Lloyd, and after about two weeks the swelling and inflam
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ing very pertinent remarks upon this subject, which may
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of his time — escape the fate of the reformer ? No. His life
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Dr. L. D. Packard, from the Special Committee on Registration,
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vidual tainted with the disease. The Saliva of infants affected with
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pheral origin has not been settled definitely, not necessarily prevent the development of
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tural methods, that most of the epidemic colds are not due to the
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European Trips of the International College of Surgeons, Di\ A. S. Jackson, Madison
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viz., albuminuria and general dropsy, very rarely follow diphtheria, iw,
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tion of these pathological conditions. None of us at present use
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the opinion, tliat these hard chancres with long in-
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Horsford, E. N. : Remarks Explanatory of a Part of Chapter XIV. of Leviticus, in which
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complete recovery, and are considered sufiiciently well
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struction, or of retention of urine; and, secondly, a large catheter
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"extracellular products of bacterial activity. They do not originate
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severally. To observe the separate effects of particular remedies in indi-
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The first step or indication obviously is to reiluce the inflammation
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Malignant Diphtheria. — At the commencement of this, there is,
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medicine is in that of the medical profession giving itself over as an adver-
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tissue in a very weU-marked manner ; but in many, perhaps
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enza as to age and sex distribution. About 80% of the male employees
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arc not accompanied by pain, but by a sensation of relief. There i» «o
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London from small-pox in the past week were six, of which
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insertions, the last British Commission on Vaccination con-
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dislocation of the diaphragm from marked ascites, meteorism, and the
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office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, his or her verified declara-
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of miliary tubercles (Volkmann). Scrofulous ulcers of the sldn, so
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is equivalent to this, two distinct venereal poisons, one giving rise to liard
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believe either that by eliminating itself by the sudoriparous glands in tends to dry
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President's Address. — Dr. Greenough, of Boston, the
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casionally thrown up the rectum. In the course of a few
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are small. It seems to be made up of distinct parts, connected
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value of mental science in the cure of the sick and the
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in America and Europe : together with the usual dietetic preparations,
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