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"evil eye" ; paralytic attacks not ushered in by the
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acting as an index of perverted metabolism. Many times this form
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study might be based on the factor of sedimentation,
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of sublimated specimens of specific treatment based
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Wiggins, who also saw the case, but patient would not give
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sixty-three feet in size, and a large wing to the south
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or fifty are sterilized together, taking care to sur-
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disease is the only one that has survived, and this
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est danger of his infecting others. It was the gen-
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inguinal branch of the ilioinguinal through the high
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stages, the first stage consisting of making an in-
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is very inexact and the red cells are in practice not
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most owner, as the one to initiate, to lead, to control,
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firmed by autopsy in some fifty-five cases. In sixty
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ways — and very necessarily, indeed — existed the
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crowding of the forecastle, bad food, and small pay.
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tion to the populace against the bites of the pest.
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mann reaction, September 14th, -| — |- ; October 8th. -f.
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other germ carriers are not exterminated as well as
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sent the Medical Departtnent of the Army at the meet-
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Case II. Thompson and Ewing. 189S (4). Female; age,
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of an exudate that alters the density of the shadows
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for the entire fleet. The surgeon general suggested Wai-
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ably swollen and the knee also showed the same condition.
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table societies, constituted an important factor in
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uations of urine and fceces, the pulse becomes weak,
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ically anarchical leaders of thought heretical, who
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lowing there was some miprovement in the larger lesions,
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duty at Manila, P. 1., and directed to proceed to San
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A Hmitlily Journal of Motflclfio and Suroory, Dovotod to
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prize essays in competition for the Merritt H. Cash Prize
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large class of cases CoUjrado climate will not be a
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trental and vitamin e therapy
■does indeed seem novel, as the authors intimate in
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the institution for anatomy and physiology and the psychi-
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will appear eosin stained about the blue stained mi-
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trophied turbinal tissue may contract sufificiently to
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Division, to take effect upon the arrival in San Fran-
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The lower light areas are caused by tha entrance of air into the
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catarrhal secretions and stubborn coughs ''yield lo it
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purulent in character. A twenty-four hour growth on
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tenderness, which interfere with clinical inspection
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insisted that the prevalent opinion that arterial dis-
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are not to be reached through an experience of a few
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