What Is Tretinoin

investigation make one worthy of the name of veterinarian.

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requested to read the list of delinquents ; they numbered twenty-nine, some

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tinued. On November 18th she was taken with a severe chill,

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their identity after generations of disuse and uselessness to their

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benzoate (sometimes with the addition of 1-2 G. (15-30 gr.) of Carlsbad

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night) may be given, or the officinal tincture of aloes and myrrh (%-l

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wish to empty the lower part of the large intestine. As the amount of

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alterations of the function of locomotion, and afterwards of the sen-

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largement of the spleen before operation. The absence of a history of

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armament. He is convinced that ' ' as the result of long experience every-

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not come in contact with tuberculous animals. The breeder

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believe, the cause of a large number of cases of tropical

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publish them, and therefore published by themselves, threaten to

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of a college ever lived than Dr. C. H. Sweetapple, of the class of

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the wound, as a puncture of the foot, flap-operation in myotomy

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bidden. This is the case with tea, red wine, and huckleberry wine, on

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with Ewald, Boas, Einhom, and others, Robin recommends the hydro-

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bination of conditions present. One of them was analogous in many

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the methods then in use did not have a fair trial. ^The disease had

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with evidence that would lead one to believe it emanated from the authori-

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cases show but four deaths, all of which were traced, not to cardiac

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follows: Fluidextract thyme, 10.0:70.0 G. (21/2 dr.: 21/2 oz.) of simple

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these cases the use of alkaline salt springs (e.g., Carlsbad) is very bene-

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be discussed and passed upon by the entire Society at our regular meet-

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Cochineal may be used to diminisli the tenacity of the mucus.

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improved, provided constipation still exists, a change is made towards

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yield to the same treatment, this deduction is not borne out by

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Veterinarians in Austria. — An appeal by F. H. The state

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be mentioned. It is a dark brown, almost odorless and tasteless powder,

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fever has ended, it may be kept from returning by further suitable doses.

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streptococcus serum, 80 c.c. (2i/^ oz.) every two or three days by rectum

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and coming to 1859 we find the world astonished by Flora Temple's

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"In the diagnosis of amebic dysentery, it is ordina-

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scorn and deride them for these signs and sounds of

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Literary programme was as follows : A paper by Mr. Hoopes on ** Male

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hard labor for any period not over six months or to a fine not

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of '91, died recently at his home in Jeffersonville, New York, from tuber-

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