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of the disease in the latter organ is overlooked. Extension to the liver
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Case B. — " This case was one, in which the entire scalp (integu-
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tacked, enjoy immunity from any subseqii^it attack. So &r inrnt
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Accidental infection of the practitioner of medicine is unfortunately not
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tant evidence of consolidation, and in the early stages of phthisis is
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v«Bst efndemic without an attack of the disease, who by neglecting
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instances the primary seat of the disease is to be found in the medias-
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as the cause of the severe symptoms, if there is a history of oliguria and
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extreme. The abdomen becomes distended with fluid in about as many
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the desire for defecation is frequent and irresistible, evacuations of the
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the clinical characteristics of cancer, and the distinction between adenoma
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times intimately connected with diabetes. In a number of cases diabetes
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stances is there any repair of damaged nerve-filaments.
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the larger dose. The presence of the idiosyncrasy is therefore not an
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catarrhal gastritis and by experiment. The mucous membrane is swollen,
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may be permanently arrested although the paralysis entirely disappears.
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tion, cupping, very active sweating, purging, saline diuretics ; if the
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five grains of the alkaloid should be administered every seventh day
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they are often to be found with difficulty, if at all, in simple endocar-
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III. Treatise on Military Surgery and Hygiene. By Frank Hastings Hammond, M. D.,
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MORBID ANATOMY. Tambroni and Pieracini have recorded cases de-
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danger to life unless complicated with the more severe results of an in-
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rosis is very insidious in its onset and progress. The chief symptoms
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failure of health, more or less digestive disturbance, and double wrist-
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cause of the summer diarrhosa of children, and that an increase of the
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obtained, the patient becomes anxious, the skin pale and moist, the
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pericarditis may result in perforation through the skin or into the pleural
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without the raising of sputum, and in persons of sensitive nervous tem-
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from progressive emaciation and exhaustion, with oedema of the lungs or
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to be the outcome of intestinal irritation or catarrh. Iodide of iron,
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respiration are firmly contracted, the chest is fully expanded, and the
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degeneration. The fluid from the parovarian cyst is pale, watery, of a
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thickened and lengthened, give an aspect that can scarcely be mistaken.
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in the receptacle, variously medicated, should be given at a time. The

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