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a package of glass under his arm, he slipped on the ice and fell, and

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obstinacy, long continuance, universality, and tendency to relapse. To it

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itself. Take, for instance, the drawing on page 56, which he

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made, 95-percent ethyl alcohol may be used as a pre-

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wounded. A flexible catheter was left in the bladder, and the

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By the end of the first week, the evening temperature may have

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present in inflammation. These changes are observed — (1) in the connective

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refused to part with even a single cell, however much I persuaded

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formation of slight amounts of urea from the action

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sions), tapering, sometimes rough-walled macroconi-

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water. The mixture is centrifuged or filtered through

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into three terms of exactly ten weeks each, and to each term,

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Fig. 204. — Case IH. Taken a few days later following thoracentesis;

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a. Bacteriologic examination of specimens of drinking water

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of the Army. The bacteriologic tests to be run by Army labo-

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background. Exudates and culture fluids containing serum agglu-

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into a 15 ml centrifuge tube, record the tube number,

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and little of it sees the light of day. Indeed, the whole course may be

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top of the container. Lay the strip upon any absorbent paper, for

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sterilized in distilled water to avoid contamination with

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pustules, the redness, swelling, and tenderness of the skin subside, the eyes

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especially to the surgical wards, which are more than a hundred

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3. On the other hand, the saturated solution used in pro-

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The following rules are taken from a copy of this interesting

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incision. In threatening gangrene all pressure should be removed

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The opinion of the majority of the most recent writers on

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globin and free CO. From the mixture of CO and C0 2

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I should like to discuss with you this morning several cases

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" To so great an extent is this now practised by American Protestant wo-

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antitoxine is based on a firm experimental foundation. Yet it is found that

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red in 60 percent alcohol). Read immediately. A red color (acid)

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right testicle acutely inflamed, accompanied with effusion into

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of thin white sputum. The temperature before entrance and

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morning state is more satisfactory. The glanduke concatenate in the

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strated, measured by fractions of millemetres, or weighed in

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between 50 and 70 per cent, of the normal must be extremely

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reported to have been as high as 10 per cent. Last autumn,

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Bacteriological diagnosis. — 1. Examination for the bacillus of Eberth.

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may destroy others by splitting them up ; (3) the excreta may form new

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for this purpose skin tests are made in the same way, using

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a degeneration followed or accompanied by necrosis, and not an atrophy

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There are lesions and appearances which clinically we cannot distinguish from

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the afternoon, and in the evening the Bureau of Surgery thor-

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percentages, so that no calculations are required. The

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late. " The direct or physical effect fades in comparison with

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Plasma proteins (gm per 100 ml blood) = 370 (G P — 1.0070). (1)

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In performing the test satisfactorily, there are several important points

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Very nearly two hundred and fifty diseases are described and

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