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rior in importance to the pulse and temperature in the

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the stone, if there be one, may be aided in reaching the bladder ; and ve

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place of meeting and the building up of a library. The officers of the

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they soon tore out and the parts lapsed into their former

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of the disease excites inflammation in the surrounding tissue,

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to prescribe opiates is very great. But they add to the

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Although orthopeedic surgery is a specialized branch of surgery, it


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urine as well as in the blood at night. There is a dilatation of the lymph-

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of the action of digitalis upon the cardiac peripheral

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rior and posterior lips of the wound respectively, and

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III. Trypanosoma americanum n. ep., a trypanoeome which appears in cultures

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Rubjocted to the simultaneous eflt^ts of bad nourishment and want of

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an empty stomach, and half an hour afterwards take the remainder.

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guide in practice of those from whom such opportunities are

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study of medicine is not incompatible with taste and elegance in architec-

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guage, and three from the Latin, which placed before

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Dr. Dugan's criticism in regard to the hernia case I think is a justifiable

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author and a medical writer, he is very widely and favorably

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that the accidents that occur are not always quite so bad as the

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count of the debility and hurtful irritation of the intestinal canal

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dation of things, without cut-and-dried rules, prejudices, or

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States for 1881, with the exception of those for Aiken,

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any rise of temperature or acceleration of pulse. Suspecting

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to the typical symptoms of the disease will prevent such a mistake.

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limpid urine, and (as Dr. Salter points out) a peculiar troublesome itch-

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logical. Kussmaul's two cases of Fatal Paraplegia without assignable cause (cited by Koss)

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Nature of Zona Frontalis. — According to the hypothesis of Baerensprung,

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Dr. Sangster has not turned the world upside down he will find fault with him —

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of some of them the intensity of the red tint was a little obscured, as if the

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40 *A Practical Application In Abdominal Surgery of Scientific

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Towards the evening of this day, the father seemed very weak ;

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Rarely these motor irritative symptoms are so marked as to

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sexes. These exercises have varied the inevitable monotony

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CSMS-IPA, reported that several changes are being made

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