Phenergan Cough Syrup Dosage

about ten years she had given way to habits of excessive drinking, and these

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They may be pronounced and accompanied by rigoi', or they are slight and

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and there yellow purulent points, of which some after-

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believe to be a quasi-physiological process, having for its object the destruction

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Dickson mentions a case of intermittent strabismus, in which the

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( :< >nsid e r rd . — By Edward Woakes, M. I ), ,

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on disorders of structure, are written with the same

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in times past ; by the greater prevalence and more intense

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shell the size of an almond in the second interspace

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of blisters, iodine, and the various ointments, as they render the skin more

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may appear on any part of the body except the face ;

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with cloth, which is wet at the time the instrument is used. The

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stepped in, the bath felt cold, and his chest felt as if it were being

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must be due to some general cause, not merely a local cause, for marked

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it may be reasonably concluded that the influence of diflTerent methodi

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There is abundant evidence that this drug, as Lt has been administered to

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posed celebration of the semi-centennial of the Ken-

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health legislation during the present session. In under-

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tridge, who performed the operation. In " the shaft of the humerus was removed to

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Jeronimus. Dr. Mario Fischer was elected ex-officio

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of the case, and what directions will be necessary to give, in

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strated, they exert no influence u})on polarized light.

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pulses were equal. The harsh clanging cough continued. As the

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is only to be preferred upon one express condition — viz : that it be performed

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and in toning up the muscular structures of the pelvis

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other fellow into your position. But when it is all done, walk out

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oxyacids and of aromatic substances is at the same time increased.

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agglutination of the specific bacilli even when diluted, whereas clump-

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that the most successful operation will ensure permanent immunity

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will burrow, until at length, if some active interference is not interposed, the

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most useful and satisfactory articles of the Materia Medica — and,

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brute animals, the other to mankind. The latter, indeed, seems

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existing streptococcus or pneumococcus infection, or from

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