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ion, rather than structural lesions, to be the cause

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Atsiatant in Surgery, Harvard Malic/tl School; Third Aui*lantViĀ»Uino

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the 18th day, and proved to be a large perinephritic

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pox, written at this time, a discussion, or at least

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typhoid fever in man. The pigstye and the attendant

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23. Certain microbes isolated from peat possess the

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An ounce of oil is sufficient for fifteen square feet of sur-

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does not fare any worse than his colleagues in any other

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servations furnished by Sergeant J. W. Smith of the United

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beginning to recognize the excellent results attained by

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tropliy of right middle turbinate, remains of polypi and a

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delphia and New York : Lea Brothers & Co. 1903.

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qualities of the scholar, tlie gentleman and the true

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in tlie districts where cresses are grown ought to en-

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corpuscles, often fused together and colored a deep

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the College of Physicians and Surgeons : the Rev. Dr.

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interest with it is, I need scarcely add, a purely human

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effect of large doses of alcohol in the infections.

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tinalis, ova of trichocephalus hominis, also some large

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obtain such a history, but the history of beer drink-

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in part or in full for their treatment. There was a

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Insane. Observations upon blood pressure in the msane, Uunton, W. R.,

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the three small streams furnishing the water supply

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;ood as in my hands. To collect the claim of Mr. B.,

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