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Moved by Dr, Roome, seconded by Dr. Williams, that by-law No. — , for the pur-
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whilst a council ponders, and wei^^hs, and doubts, and deliberates till
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than certain strains which have previously been isolated in bubonic
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attainable by ourselves, and of these I may specify two among
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as follows: (1) Early development of primary buboes. When the first
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is a protection to the vital tissues, sometimes impaired by too
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organ. Besides, these are the affections of the heart which
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tritis, nausea, nervous indigestion, or gastric and duodenal ulcer.
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Ward Sears & Co. for their attention to the same.
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present; these patients are most pitiful ones — the end-result, unless
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times a duy, with soap and water applied on a soft brush. For the
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pessary, and at first rest in a horizontal position. The sponge is with-
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be anticipated, the National Heart Institute is the predominant user of
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excessive amount ; this latter class again being subdivided
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graph, and in this instance I believe that had the pic-
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itself is but a feeble test of its value. To be of true worth, the
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because we are never sure of our ground in these cases. We can readily
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is usually the most obstinate — the ultra-violet rays may be
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the most powerful emetics, fail to excite vomiting when it feas
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of their prevalence, in our own latitude at least, is either for
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because it is most grave. I have listened with great interest to
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side of the trunk. There is fairly complete thermauEesthesia over the
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recorded the effusion was upon the surface of the brain, and this, com-
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accustomed to such tricks, since their tinctures, dilutions, and
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ly employed in the prehension of the pen, the poising of the hand and
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2. Of having attended at a recognised dental hospital and school :

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