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definitions which he gives of the various species, do not point

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chemistry, botany, pharmacy, materia medica, pharmacology, and

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the external more visible muscles of the body undergo hypertrophy

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also was not followed after this treatment to be sure

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come to be recognized. Internal secretions, he says, are of

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gestion, particularly when the limb hangs down. In a number of cases

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limpid urine, and (as Dr. Salter points out) a peculiar troublesome itch-

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is absolutely unfavorable. There are lulls and tempo-

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of his case. He will understand you far better than nine-tenths of those

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Sight — Its Hygiene. — Dr. Javal {Brit, Med, your,, Jan.

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weavers. The maximum and minimum amounts were 790 grs. and 456

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the shoulders, of cough and sometimes blood spitting,

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Their relative normal ratio to the other constituents of the blood differs

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lieen taught that the ptacenta should not often be removed per force ;

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to the mercenary schemes of speculators. We call attention

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jected well into the middle of the gland. Suppuration has generally

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by a conspicuous increase of the molecular concentration of the blood.

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social conditions, or occupation, save that it has been held that those whose

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a recurrence (Fig. 36). Exactly how the iron acts in curing chlorosis has not

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zant. These observations will, I apprehend, be found roost especially

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arl supplied, the doubly endowed and self-acting body. An

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advantage is that outside of laboratory work you can get

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the diphtheria and scarlet-fever wards, and all patients

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sonls ( 1,"JT() men), advertising for a doctor, and willing

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staphylococci and streptococci. He also affirms that the dis-

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eration is contraindicated. The urine examination is con-

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liquid without injury, but that is a very different thing from plac-

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* Bibliotheque Universalle. Geneve, Juin, 1822. — See our Analecta.

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circulation, and aiding the nervous system. It also assists in obviating

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