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is due to auto-intoxication especially affecting the thyroid is thus confirmed
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fact, in every perfect crisis, the first appearances are a general re-
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mortem examination. In the first place I plunged a knife into
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abscess. The tooth was removed and a pure culture of Strepto-
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at the time of the accident except by obnervation of the facies.
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ments pleuraux du pneumothorax artificiel. Etude clinique et cytologique.
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The increased sinking velocity of the red corpuscles, which by the
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Conclusions. The repeated parenteral introduction of foreign
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sounds may be found, and the diagnosis is plain. On other occasions,
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liver allowed to get into the general circulation? Or is there a
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as regards symptomatology, diagnosis, and treatment, and we shall,
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M. Nauche has examined the expectoration, with respect to
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note being given as to the nature of the disorder, were sent for
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less severity, this being especially usual in the cases where there
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They have been mistaken for spirochaetes, but may be distinguished by
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In a reasoned account of the evidence for and against de Boer's view,
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jejunal flexure, the jejunum never being equally filled and its contents being
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the height of several feet. The severe rain storm, which oc-
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left ear, which discharged copiously for a long time.
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manner, that in highly acute and inflammatory diseases, they

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