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the patient is noticeably obese, 40 to 50 cc. of Mety-

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For Treatment : In addition to the ordinary remedial agents, it has a Sun Parlor and Promenade on the roof.

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SU'CROSE (sucre, sugar). A general term for cane-sugar and the

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habit is formed of eating too much meat, bread, pota-

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Physicians find a certainty in its action as a uterine tonic, that

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out a preliminary gastric analysis would not be prac-

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useful as an uterine tonic and antispasmodic, relieving the pains

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up the mouths of arteries, &c. Celsus uses the word forfe.v for a pair

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ally, the term “rehabilitation” may be applied to

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2. Trigonal space of the bladder. A smooth triangrdar surface on the ‘'■

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(a corruption of the Gaelic Sivve?is, wild rash) in Scotland, and proved

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riage). Semivascular plants; a class of flowerless plants furnished with

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and Serologic Evaluation of 27,103 Consecutive Slide Tests

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Ansemia, Malarial Fever, CUorosis, Incipient Consnmption, Nervous Weakness, and maladies

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Moniteau 5 J. p. Burke, Jr California K. S. Latham .California

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of the ivis, or its presence in a rudimentary form only. In its partial

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duced, according to Batka, by the Artemisia Sieberi.

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I La diete, used by h'rencli physicians, means extreme abstinence.

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instep; the space between the bones of the leg and the metatarsus. 2.

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Hygiene, Bacteriology, Physiology, with Bedside instruction

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psychiatric advice in addition to medical and surgi-

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O'SCI-li'lOCELE {berxf-ov, the scrotum, a tumor). A hernia

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In addition to diagnostic laboratory services, chemically accurate and clinically tested re-

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C. B. Bringham, R. B. Cole, Levi C. Lane, J. Rosenstirn, SAN FRANCISCO

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of the muscles ; if the nerve be hatalyscd, the muscle is inert, it is

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FORMI'CA. Literally, an ant. A term applied by the Arabians

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a.luininatc, or duloTHolitc Qcxltuitc, It lias been called golden marca-

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tion, adopted by Carswell. The same writer applies the term euplasit

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ment of a fact, and much is gained by the proper state-

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vuision Therapy, J. Ment. Sc. 90:435, 1944; Lewis, N. D.; The

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Winter Session will begin October ist, and continue unill

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