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which time she expressed herself as feeling the greatest relief in her ear.

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after-treatment consists in tamponing the vagina with cotton saturated with

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neath the foot where that projection is and took a mallet and pounded

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space or in strange places, and also of depression of spirits. No history

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have been received with a silent incredulity. They are true enough, though,

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In part this book is a reprint of several papers from the author's

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the cecum may extend thence to the appendix, or that an

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These results have been obtained by isolating the individual alkaloids and

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he had been getting, and the addict would say, 'I have been

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namely, the miliary granulations and the infiltrated deposit formerly distin-

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possible to hypnotize the patient if the effort is not made at the very begin-

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over the line of fracture a short distance above the meatus, and a button

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paper entitled "An (Edematous Form of Disease of the Upper Air-

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erang when its significance is brought before thinking people.

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Unfortunately, the employment of oil is interfered with to a large extent

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impossible. The uterus vas incised, and the foetus extracted. It was de-

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termined, annually, by the Board of Directors. He shall establish

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albumen and abundant uric acid crystals and concretions. No casts

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movable, and it was diagnosed a solid tumor of the mesentery,

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ened with numerous granulations about its edges. Dr. Goodhart" has

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and is used in this connection just as it is used in Dover's powder, for the

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increasingly evident that a definite concert of action must be in-

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great hankering to be a vegetarian but have not yet achieved that

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Special Committee. This Committee is a large one. It was ap-

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cases of leukaemia, on 6 of which autopsies were made. 10 of them were

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Leca {Thlse de Paris, 1888) has made a special study of this subject and

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I do not suppose if they were the general run of cases the success would be

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auricular aspect : the process spreads gradually from thence to involve

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attending school when she was suddenly seized with general abdom-

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and effects of anesthetics of all kinds that we have seen, and it

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"Blood examination in, these cases does not help. Most of these cases

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