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and inspect the school and liospital; but it was found

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losing ground, emaciating a good deal. During all this

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Royal College of Physicians would be hurt by suing at

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in your columns. I by no means wish to he understood

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to its own children, that we ought to send our sick and

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Act of Parliament. In any case it would be as absurd

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that frequently the organ in fault was found to be quite

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reference to the eating of raw meat, ham, bacon, sau-

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to be brought in." In this I trust my informant may be

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Eye, formation of images in, 242 ; Dr. Lawson on action

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graphs by, 97, 331; annual meeting of, 240 ; referees

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accidents which I should apprehend from this operation

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years of age, with a height of 5 feet G inches, we ought

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epidemic influence, which, for want of a better term, he

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have always, from the ill-defined nature of the swell-

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and he breathed and expectorated freely. On the 15th,

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found to be firmly adherent to the glans penis, and

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benefit of the student of anatomy ; but the Medical ■

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remedied, is accomplished through the sustinent vessels

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strated, not merely as a matter of generous feeling to-

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phatics. He tried oil, but found no effect on the pan-

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tissue, as a rule have a rapid growth ; the increase

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worked doctor, spending much of his time in the pesti-

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organs, in the animal's intestines." It is now known, not

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mediable — to arrive at sure and logical deductions as to

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leaving a balance of JC2i)o : 4 : 7, which, added to a pre-

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perceives the images of a luminous point precisely in

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furtlieiance of which I shall be happy to receive com-

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rupture; of this there could be no doubt. The coronary

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muscles by allaying their irritability, but it enables

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Figari-Bey's paper, addressed to the Egyptian Institute

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lower lid is sufficient to effect the required purpose, and

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calan 3010r

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tions according to the hospital formulas"; and " that

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Odontological Society; Mr. C. J. Evans; The Registp-au op

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Atmospheric impurity, unnatural diet, deficient exer-

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the desire being for acid liquors. Whilst on the conti-

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In August following, she again became pregnant; and

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hours at least) and then almost immediately after pass-

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as there may be stricture v/ith liut faintly apparent

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Tourangin gives a history of the failure of all at-

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Case ii. A dock labourer, aged 50, in previous good

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until set at liberty. These ideas as to the mode of

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Senior Assistant-Physician Metropolitan Free Hospital, late Senior

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of Wales with the Princess Alexandra of Denmark, are from the

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words, what is the nature of that mysterious nerve-force

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