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way is placed under the " Alteratives," instead of the ** Specific

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the patient came to hospital the sweats were profuse, night after

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der and general peritonitis, purpura, hemorrhage, ex-

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efficient results, it should be maintained for every subsequent ex-

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hyoscyamia, excepting that the pains were somewhat dulled. A

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teaching, based on autopsy records and incidental to, and not the main object of

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a record needs no detailed commendation. It has memoranda

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, r ,• .u- uu u 4-1,^ Case No. 1 — Female, age 3 months, weight 3

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end of which time I find a note to the effect that the swell-

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lapse, but she rallied within a few hours and appeared

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collapse occurs when the chest is opened. Examined with the microscope,

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a college of physicians by its pharmacopoea. I must say that

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cough begins to show that there is some- and positive in their instructions on the

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deeply studied anatomy, physiology, and everything which can elucidate

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content with present greatness, to look down with princely smiles on

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origin of tumors has been followed in a most laudable

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of cancer, but its presence is of no diagnostic significance.

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occupation of this building for the purpose of the Council, we have paid this last year

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poses, we must include all psychoses in their incipiency; we

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alive the family affections and the friendly glow, drink in, in

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to 3 per cent. Old spirits of turpentine has been given in doses

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parasites occupy as yet but a small portion of them.

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Relation of Insanity to Pelvic and Other Lesions, 3S9

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Qsoally observed in mere cystic formations. It must be borne in mind^

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as "spurious" or "pseudovaccinia," "vaccinoid," vaccinella." These

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mind it. You should then lead him about the stable a few times;

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more readily be affected by the molecular pulses, caus-

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proud flesh that delays the recuperation of the abscess. If it

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name given to the disease by Dr. Radcliffe Crocker seems more appro-

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The entire epidemic required 13,284 cultures, of which 24G were

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the basis of the reactions employed with any other mononuclear cell

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gery); New York Medical Union (private) ; Medical Socie-

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that the jaundice existed from birth, but it was not previously noticed because light had been

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ferent serpents resemble each other very closely as to their ef-

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