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cum of codeine. Formaldehyde is a recent addition as an

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102° to 104° P. for four days, without any pronounced physical signs in the

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the making of such at Saratoga or in the Virginia mountains,

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the case of a hsemophilic bleeding, to apply blood from a

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uance of the commendation and favorable reception it has previously

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water-pipes, at least, under any and all conditions, and the

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touching the normal level in a few hours ; the decline, however, is less

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by name, has invented a simple and cheap apparatus. The

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this has its antitoxin either in nature or artificially produced.

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plished by a very brief period of experimental thyroid gland feed-

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active, applications of warmth further the latter and hasten suppura-

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face, while the inner temperature did not change at all. The more

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ties) ; {h) in the early part of the fastigium or the second week of the

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the purpose of restoring the lost general nerve equilibrium and for the

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of Dr. Schlatter's in Zurich is remarkable. The entire stom-

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As before intimated, the extreme debility which comes on during; the

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done never even dreamed of before, and thousands of lives

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before stated when considering diet, are the tissue-builders

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Fungi with Milky Juice. — These are of the genus Lacta-

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at least, of the deaths in the cases reported might have been prevented by the

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is changed to dextrin, and some of it is even converted into caramel, or

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Bacteriology. — The bacillus diphtheri^e nearly equals in length that

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inch and a half below the insertion of the tendon of the bicejis,

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Sources of the Bacilli. — The chief source of the bacilli is the sputum

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undoubtedly from California, where the soil and climate suit

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of a muscle which has been fatigued, is graphically shown in the sub-

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ascends to a high level, reaching 104° or 105° F. (40° or 40.5° C.)

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producer. Then we get the phosphates and mineral matters,

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sumption of albumin remains practically the same as during

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cent, solution of formaldehyde, and the results proved most

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baths, all of which are more conveniently administered at the patient's

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tient can endure it for a time, milk diet may be called for,

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necessary, because the mountain springs furnish water at very low

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WANTED: College educated individuals, male or female, for

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perspired freely." Here was the defect of the technique. The object

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native action, and by counteracting heat retention. Strasser cites

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drug quite as extensively as any other American physician, after reach-

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convulsions, or paralysis ; non-febrile intermittent malaria may also

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and other wines, except the sparkling wines, — champagne, the

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years beforehand. Most have been treated for gastric ulcer. Then

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well to move slowly. The small hospitals might very strongly

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Has the application of water in this disease demonstrated its clini-

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Englishman will take none but red apples. The Newtown

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