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The bacterioscopic examination of vaccine lymph is sum-

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method of making tea are (1) the freedom of the infusion

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1830), and other tissues of man. Both in man and animals its

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judicious physician will prescribe less luncheon. Finally,

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smitten father had nursed, escaped infection as a result of

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accused by the sherifl'. al = o conducted in private, and oiily tlie fijjal iriaJt

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reductiou of 2(i per cent, on the fares. These may be so arranged as to

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Ebers.'"' To these special memoirs reference must be made

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you are in a position to say that in any future public health

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been stimulated in man. Its significance, lying as it does

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fascia, was dissected off, when a medium-sized vein was cut,

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the more certain and accurate, if more tedious, clinical

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and mouth feeding was resumed. It was found that by giving 2

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authorities, but it is only by means of education that we can

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ing population and intemperance. Forty-four years' know-

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dred men. The age of the patients ranged from 8 to 53 years.

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Dr. Davies 'Thomas, in an elaborate paper in the Australian

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ance stating that the pupils suffering from non-contagious

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back is a mineral water manufactory, the water being ob-

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members of tlie Surgical Congress are supposed to be devoted

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town was concerned, was the universal rule, but which I found

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It was moved by Dr. Bkidgwatbk, seconded by Dr. Keid,

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showed afterwards no signs of secondary symptoms, and

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treated. Amongst the operations upon the skull, besides

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mines. There was an increase in tlie number of the persons employed in

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