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by the pancreatic ferment (trypsin) in the intestines, and are
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by palpation during life. Schindelka and Wolff found enlarge-
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heart-failure possess considerable interest for the clinician. He
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to it to almost any one who announces himself as pre-
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of wrappings as can be heaped upon it without altogether putting a
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{land introduced within the large intestine, in order to determine whether
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Meanwhile we charged a pail of water with fresh chlorine, and
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State, themselves established the needed hospital. From that
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In a case with recurring attacks of oedema of the larynx, an intubation
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presence in England of arsenic in that obscure chemical compound
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sviits made of the sweet almond finely ground. As a change this is fomid
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The following papers were read by title : "The Con-
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The peculiar colour and form of the eruption, and the development of
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Developmental diseases (or those arising from abnormal
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sented an almost cadaverous doldness. It could not be doubted that
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like to present a concept of the pathologic anatomy
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ment two entire Siberian regiments, the Fifty-second and the Fifty-
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The eyelids become greatly swollen and closed. The conjunctiva is
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the patient's face. Even external ulceration may occur, especially
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listed Personnel, leaving the other 6.0 percent distributed among
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are proportional, a prognosis for an unusual length of days can be ventured,
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tice by his originality could easily secure a lead. But invention seems in
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after it has come into the world. who use the open-drop method has been the
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General Considerations. — Surgical measures in the treatment of
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cal regarding the etiologic significance of the aneurysmal di-
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had been injected, this animal was vaccinated for the third time, three points
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ply, but curious to relate, he was not permitted to
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The treatment is emetics, stimulants, and hypodermics of
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The odor of urines undergoing decomposition is characteristic and
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"' Piscidia is narcotic to frogs, rabbits, and men.*'
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chronic joint affections. Med. Mag., Loud., 1890, v, 377-
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Italian, 10, (4.) Translation of medical Spanish, 10,
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to the paper are tables exhibiting the observed sensibility in each direction at
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and at the onset of the periods of long intermission in the ventricular
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1914. Pepper, O. H. Perry, 945 Parks Run Lane, Villanova, Pa.
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the more classical cases. In these there is usually a

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