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or tablespoonful in a wineglass of water after meals. Arsenic in

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none effect, the specific germs they breed and cast off,

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dysuria occasioned by the one agent relieved by the

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dependent on the vestries of London for liis appoint-

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rays of the electric light, remoulded by the atoms of

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into the hospital under the care of Mr. de Mt-ric, who

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amples which the medical profession afforded of de-

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questions at Netley Medical School, ib. ; conduct of

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increased area of dulness in cases of pericardial effusion and enlarge-

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more energy in the con-ection of evils still too pre-

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of affection of the aortic valve, and Striimpell considers it probable

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the notion of its constitutional nature. This notion

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or in the course of the fever which immediately supervenes. At other

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and wretched series of painful dressings and suppur-


course of sixteen weeks and returned to las work and gradually in

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eases themselves. In the earlier part of this century,

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Watts, Horace N., M.D., appointed Colonial Surgeon to the Falk-

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the public ; but Dr. Lynn out-Davenports the Daven-

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to its allegiance to the supreme guide", just as the

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Huchard boldly designates myocarditis an arteriosclerosis of tin-

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rather unnecessarily adds, that the rest of the world

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(6) Most of the cases of endocarditis in the course of rheumatism

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condition of the place and the existence of typhus.

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open privies, most of which are more or less in a foul

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restoring the healthy character of the evacuations,

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months after it shall have become due, the publications of the

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tage of being readily and in almost all circumstances

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row were prostrated in fever. There was no evidence,

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of the disease. Then certain individuals affected with rheumatism

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the pulse may show no alteration for a long time, even for years.

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The author has not considered it necessary to insert

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