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Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12; Chemistry, Dr. Cameron, Tuesday,
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here, again, unless the policy of isolation be carried out. an enormous loss of life
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The Prince and Prmcess of Wales have consented to be joint patrons
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muscle, and the kind of muscular tissue, are such as we find in the
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upper angle. He then makes an incision on each side, from the upper
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which have been partially deprived of their water. So great is now
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skilful. After briefly reviewing the anatomy and physiology of the
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sound anatomical knowledge, combined with manual dexterity, at once
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conjunctiva was less skin-like than in the first form, indeed scarcely
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in the minds of many that in infectious diseases we have to do with
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he considered, likely to be useful in the following diseased states :
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day, the thirst for knowledge, which is stronger than ever, and the benefits
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epidemic diseases is less a manifest than an occult condition" (Epistle I,
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provisions of the Amended Medical Bill introduced into the House of
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^v,^ „r°?-' ''"^-' *'"'■ '*'=*'= Scholarships, see the King's College- Calendar. The
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choly cases I have ever met in practice. The lady had come to me,
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cent declaration by Professor Huxley. Ele is reported to have said :
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the operation. Two incisions were made, removing an elliptical piece
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the next session of Parliament, introduce a Bill having for its object a
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principle, the (vopiiup (impetuin faciens) or active force, which was the
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the uneasiness and pain to an unbearable extent; for, in my experience,
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of judgment on the part of a really well meaning and hard working man.
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the sore. In other cases, though the piece transplanted had become
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in leaving his office, that they as well as he should appreciate this prin-
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prevention have been most graphically, and I Ijelieve correctly, pointed
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mode in which the different scourges affected different classes of the

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