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of the same matter. The choroid plexus filled with vesicles containing pus.

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a member of the committee on organization of the Aueeican

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ful vaccination. Of these one was 35 years old — "vaccinated

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shrinking while the instruments were actually inserted. The

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of medical treatment should be distinctly limited in severe

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reasonable length of time, says a few weeks, be cured; then

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contributions to the literature of pulmonary tuber-

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widely distributed, although in a very much attenuated

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while others succumb to the disorder early. Extermina-

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Even when the disease continues under this treatment it as-

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the only inconvenience arising from the operation, consisted in the limb

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ments and by other means, subject, however, to the condition that

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Case 9. — ^This patient illustrates the same points and was

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physical outlines, but the physical outlines of the organs

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ness, for six or eight days, about which time her mania abated, and there

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heartless indifference when he becomes an accoucheur

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an application to the skia; 4, as a urethral injection.

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Clinically and Historically Considered, with a IMnn for tlie Legal

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Ndbstko Ethics: For Hospital and Private Use. By Isabel

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formed physicians fail to recognize the disease, but what is

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neau and M. Hatin met; as the cauterisation which M. Peronneau proposed

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cover any affection of the stomach and intestinal canal. The tongue was

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performed. A corn, as the students were aware, not only consisted in a

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American Medical Association, St. Paul, Minn., June 4-7.

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with the history that for two years she had been troubled witli

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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, Baltimore, April

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that an individual of Prof. Hamilton's experience could question the fact,

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to the recollections or the subjective symptoms of the

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type where glucose disappears with gradtial decrease of carbo-

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from the service of the United States, to take effect March 31, 1901.

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the first assertion to be noticed is contained in the following sentence, —

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of many of the organs of the body that are now known

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tion of a series of diagnosis, made by his pupils after a ten minutes' lecture

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