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languid and fretful, his appetite is irregular, often deficient, but some-
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ler, Naegeli, Schottelius, Harley, Jacobi, Curtis, and Satterthwaite. Of
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ovariotomy, which Mr. Spencer Wells found among the list
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acter and quantity. The smallness of the puncture removes
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the masticated root. On this point the persons present spoke
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man and two children were exposed to the emanations from the pal-
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having had a miscarriage before she had any children. The Wassermann
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blennorrhcea of the urethra and vagina. Dr. Stratton cured a case of
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in preventing or lessening the tendency to diarrhea and tym-
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at the earliest possible stage of such disease as is not
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with certain of the "Bitter Water" salts, the manufacturers of Sal
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are usually able, by careful investigation, to diagnose the par-
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predisposing cause, we are led to the conclusion, that the same
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At the time she presented herself she was in a somewhat
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little and has a sliglit muco-puruleut expectoration ;
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along the sesophagus, or tube leading from the throat to the
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parish of Rulwoll, within the borough of Nottingham, on
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epithelial membrane which form the skin, that form especially the
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whidi was strictlj enforced on the inhabitanta. But it has not beoi
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ble, nervous ; could not sleep, but had fair appetite and
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were selected from the neurologic and medical clinics of Stanford
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For these confirmed invalids active exercise seems to
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On the 29th of July last we saw a boy, fourteen years old, admitted
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vide NIH mangement with epidemiological analysis of patterns of illness and
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Christophers. At the present time, thanks to the researches of
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can unlock the doors which conceal the secrets of life and disease, and that
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will put the patient past the danger point. The author does not mention immu-
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will appear strange that good work is not even rarer
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"4. Whenever it is necessary to do a supra-vaginal amputation, suspend the
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swelling, about the size of an egg, was observed in the epiga-
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If the transverse lesion is complete, there is complete loss of
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cal schools, possess the most prominent characteristie o(
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paid little heed to the previous work, was arrested, and the question
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Autopsy statistics for Germany pubHshed by Heller and jMuller, give
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convenience in laboratory work. The directions are concise and clear, and
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good Latin prose, and in the * De re Rustica,' he gives some useful
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The independent effect of a pyelitis upon the blood picture is best

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