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results seem better than those obtained by more local applications.
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accompanied by hallucinations, are often co-existent with and indicative of
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occasionally may not appear for as long a period as three months.
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drain. 10. There is no danger of infecting the patient
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is there a non prescription substitute for prednisone
older children (three, four or five years) who come
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ate treatment ; but we now come upon unfavourable ground. In the cases treated
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" The other change is in the care of the night buckets.
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factors which in normal hematogenesis are involved in the transforma-
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1920. Klauder, Joseph Victor, M.D., Associate Professor, Der-
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asthma, epilepsy, migraine, and cardiac or renal dysfunction, require careful observation. Certain patients may
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service may be promoted to the rank of Surgeon-Major for dirtmguishwl
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cles. Such findings lead at once to speculation. Certainly
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pure German, in consequence whereof their dialect was an
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tina alatti cysticercus. Szemfeszet, Budapest, 1885, 27-
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In a second series of experiments Wiener found that changes in the lungs, con-
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102** F. During the past few weeks he had subjected
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In addition to the altogether predominant dilatation in this case,
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patient can count fingers at a distance of 2 in. There is no disease
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superior third of the thin intestine. 12. cination, 4708 having them indistinctly, and
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Boiling clarifies the syrup and removes albumen, while
other drugs like prednisone
when w^e are asked how they can prevent syphilis, to give
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be readily accounted for in any other way, I am prepared
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weaker decoction should be used, and applied to the throat with a
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curve, the plane of which is at a right angle with the ver*
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the disease. The elder had remained at his school to be nursed ; the
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tinct as it was in living liauds subjected to the same
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to be recurrent cases or new infections received prior to entering the
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great resemblance. Young powerful individuals are attacked without any pre-
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to this end, by refusing to dispense the medicine himself. Pharmacy is
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own kind, how can diseased action be removed, or vital action
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pale, and the red. The first is the most powerful ; the
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epideniia di tifo verificatiisi durante I' anno 1893 nel co-
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who was attended by a physician of the old school for about ten days;
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— the materia medica of Geoff ry. or the practice of
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occurs sporadically amongst the natives of Ashanti.

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