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Keith further states, in regard to the first two patients upon whom he

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I do not mean to say that we cure all these cases, but we do pursue a

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also made upon the nerve of the lower leg or arm, by hanging them over

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probably diphtheritic in character ; the spots so affected,

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tem secures certain privileges and rewards are especially

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Jones, William Moses, s, a, w, Detroit, Mich. B.A. (Fisk U.) '22.

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peritoneal, give a high mortality. Thus Bartels who collected all the

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The inferior maxillary is the only movable bone of the face; its

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"I. Mrs. E , aged 39, came under treatment August 19,

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Probably owing to the fact that too many of the more prominent

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titioners give to patients who complain of chronic headache

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neuroses have their root in the same cause; in other

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cluded. Injury to the cord is negatived by the absence of

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rule is completed in about a couple of weeks more. But the process may

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pain nerve transmission of nil degree, perfectly normal, no fatigue.

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vergence-power and the position of rest of the eyes.

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Alcohol, To Test Its Purity. — A simple means of detecting

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being fubject, by its local fituatution, to difeafes of a rqalignant

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tween the thumb and fingers. It was hard enough to be

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ties remained in the vicinity of the cicatrix, which

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their efforts were unavailing. Various orators from the

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ciently well to leave the hospital, and at present — nine months

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tliree grains of pliosi:)1ions, in the form of the officinal electuary.

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dition, set in. One of these was Case IV. of my essay. Another

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least striking out into untrodden paths and so benefiting the

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Hematological Studies. — In the Centralbl. J. d. med. Wissenschaften,

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instability is the result of a local lesion of the brain.

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must guard them against the effect of disturbance of the mater-

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was unavoidable. My prognosis was unfortunately confirmed four hours

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than an inch to the right of the navel. As you place

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much in so far as the symptoms are concerned, for these always are, and

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to apply local treatment, we should not rely on attempts to destroy the

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While being flexible to the changes in health-care deliv-

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greatest prevalence. From their origin to. the end of their existence

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changes, varying from granular clouding to advanced fatty degeneration.*

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j needle, blood will not flow as readily as from the oppo-

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creased size, coupled with the fact that quickening had never been very

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unable to bring his heels to the ground. But the most remarkable circum-

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red eyes ; the pulse usually a little increased in frequency, in some, remained

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Officers were elected as follows : President, Dr. J. T. Reeve, of Appleton ;

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proceedings of that meeting, which was accepted and ordered to be

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