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Specimen, as yet unnumbered, from the Museum of St. Thomas's Hospital.

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i.e., the rules to be observed enabling a diagnosis to be

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You need not be surprised, then, if among this large

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went, and was tapped once there during his stay of three months. He

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very close to its point of origin, tie the main trunk as well as the

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resembles that of man, will take his six or eight hours' sleep if

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secretion of bronchial mucus. Toxic amounts weaken the

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what is glipizide xl 5mg used for

in the movements of the retinal reflex. Suppose that

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that is the ability of the attendant. But leaving this aside, the very

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and costs was imposed. Justice Everett held that within the

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i plish the greatest good, and susceptible of the greatest ill.

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and as 1 c.c. of the one-tenth normal solution of sodium hydrate con-

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made to prevent fresh cases of small-pox being brought

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Redmond and Mr. A. J. Blayney, under whose care the

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less in cases of long standing especially there is a

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and the health of the army is just now of great consequence

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of obstetrics, and has had this theory illustrated and strengthened by

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owe their death to this disease, which has been overlooked, or insuffi-

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closest inspection of the fauces and epiglottis reveals no signs of mem-

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for this gas to produce fatal effects. At the expiration of sixty hours, although all signs of

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little, tlie rarity of the disease and the fact that it is always a congenital

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A New Cement. — The Journal de Chimic medicalc states

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cal derivation, is no longer in consonance with either our

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with their inoculation experiments in birds. On the other

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cian, and universally respected. At his death, he was President of the Essex

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Mr. Lennox Browne (10) takes exception to AVoakos's

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more than one and one-half or two inches long, it was broadly

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year, and 2,575,440,000 times in 70 years, which is man's

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