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the stage of suppuration is reached, when a fresh rise, sometimes to its

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of Toronto, who has since died. I said, '" We will trv to find out

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infect the human subject, are well-established facts. ^ Gerlach and Klebs

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gout. In gouty persons there is this condition, it appears to

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of disease reads like a romance. Sometimes I think his en-

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red gage, Smith's Orleans, Washington, green gage, Impe-

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five hundred units to one cubic centimetre. At this rate it is

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of the older races, and of the semi-civilized and savage tribes.

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as observed in albino rabbits, which died with open eyes. There was

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community and is familiar with your financial requirements.

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increasing doses of tincture strophanthus continued over a long

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diet. May I preface this with one admonition? In cooking

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might he so extensive as to (iccii]iy (luite a large proportion of a

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two hours of efficient studying. When it is time for a break,

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self-made man. I first saw him in the wards of La Charite,

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In diseases of the urinary and sexual organs, brief cold hip baths

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going is the safest and best treatment for the average case of

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but that a man could live longer with it than without it, be-

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Epidemics of iutlnonza have visited this conntry since 16-i7.

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merely shows the presence of numerous embryonic cells.

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supplying the vessels experience, according to Schuller, this reflex exci-

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The choleraic poison may be conveyed with the water used for washing,

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cious hydrotherapy upon the nutrition of the central nervous system. Sugges-

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nodules representing healed foci. Their interior may be lined with a

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and go on and study his tolerance for carbohydrates. You

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but rather serves as an indicator of resistance and attempts at

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to electrotherapy. He recommends the consumption of large quantities

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thus gives the heart freer action, reducing the pulse rate, and, if the

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Diabetes is doubtless increasing in frequency in this coun-

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spasm (more or less localized) and tremors, there will also be less retrac-

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but one explanation, namely, that the cause of the dilatation of the

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tion of heat is not required or is entirely contraindicatecl. This is the

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tion, and is usuall}^ a remnant of one of the acute forms, particularly of

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thing as milk punch made from whiskey and milk. Milk

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ened with saccharin, levulose, or mannite, string-beans, which

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duced its systematic application for chronic diseases in the Montefiore

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