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ter. The membrane, however, had not lost its healthy colour.
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cess. Following constipation, there is more pressure, hence
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strong hydrochloric acid, or a mixture of one part of the acid to two or
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been treated in England for general arteriosclerosis by the usual
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the stricture, and is to be used only where the various
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may be easily and expeditiously performed ; the divided integu-
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anaesthesia. The knee-jerk and plantar reflexes are usually reported
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have been the result of reagents. On the other hand, there are two cases
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p. 219. Two cases, both with numerous skin nodules ; in one all the lesions were
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removed, and if any depression exist these should be elevated, and all
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nervosa frequently preserve a remarkable appearance of
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cUrience of the disease to enal)le him to say witli
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ciety whose meetings they had entirely neglected, and of whose influence
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is not disagreeable to the taste. On account of its
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Case of Pseudo Lukemia. Presented by Dr. Sullivan, . 67
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uric acid are known to exist already formed in the blood : it is the
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use a term employed by the believers in aerial convection, was not great.
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the ablest physicians of the day, in cases of venous conges-
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course, and involve the same structures. If the first involve
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sort to the tobacco, as recommended by his namesake,
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moil fcrupulous ; for thefe cafes are not the finiflied pi6tures
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by Alonzo Clark, in opposition to the more recent saline
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Prom a miniature at the head of a mannscript which bears the date
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plant really possesses the poisonous properties attributed

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