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chlorids fell from about 5 gm. to about 2 gm., showing a retention of something

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this fluid must certainly be as great as that of sterilized

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Symptoms of Second Stage: (1) Cutaneous lesions, called

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a little blood, have his bowels opened by either of the neutral

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geons." It would be interesting to know what the actual facts-

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pain produced in the legs. All these arguments paled before

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to suit the individual's need. This can be accomplished usually

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The ordinary round cell with a nucleus may show only a

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fessor Klebs was drawn to the subject, and they are always absent from the

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class of patients usually composes (furnishes?) about one-third of the deaths

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calculi so common in bilhai'ziasis. The ova may be transported to distant

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even as early as the second or third day ; it is now well-known that in most

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physician. As the essential aim of the phj^sician will always

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glucotrol xl 5mg po acbook

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value has been borne witness to by no class of cases so

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sometimes effusion of serum or blood is found, and more rarely other .

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the principles and practice of surgery, medicine, and midwifery, claim,

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12:00-2:30, normal urine =32 cc. ; 2:45-3:30, infusion into the jugular vein of 50 cc. of

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may be hoped for; but when there is considerable disrate in

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Withington, in his excellent little Medical History"-,

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First, there are only a few species of Sarsaparilla that contain the peculiar virtues, and it

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them to the os calcis, as well as from pressure of the increased

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Ranges from slight dizziness with heat in head to alarming

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They give an exhaustive review and criticism of previous experimental work

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munnur, of rare occurrence, is rolling in character, generally pve^atoiie is

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plexuses of the nerves. That external impressions can also be reflected in the brain without

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tion inaugurated the new method, but according to Sabatier

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gressive proctologic work, ignorance and indifference

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yond the natural standard. Paralysis is present in scarcely

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Case 3. — A Chinese boy of 10 had bloody diarrhea with amebas in the

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confined to the determination of the number of bacteria,

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