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gallbladder and without marked pain, I am always suspicious

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Fields, Strand, Uolborn, Clerkenwell, St. Luke, Bethnal Green, and St.

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Dr. Kirchhoff finishes by a short chapter on cretinism and

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constant influx of foreigners. He preferred calf lymph, as it removed all


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part of tae cord. They extended to the upper lumbar region.

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method of treatment, and one that might safely be adopted in

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condensing their communications to the utmost extent.

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Infirmary, appointed Lecturer in Practical Surgery at Owens College,

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puerperal scarlet fever is, perhaps, less open to controversy at

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struments are replaced by clear and simple figures. A glance

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sented with a handsome table lamp by the nursing staff Qt

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Philip, Skene; M. Poison, Aberdeen; C. W. Profeit, Balmoral;

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far, then, it is a thing which is preventable, and although

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junctiva, and which he was treating by perchloride of

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Sigiult performed five operations with the loss of one

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A. Good, Kings CoUcffe: W. Wilkins, Charing Cross Hospital; and

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started an epidemic in Amiens. From a statement made at

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trations contribute much to its value as a standard essay.

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of outlet for the polluted air might be secured by providing a

mentation changes

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thickened. On cutting the teeth open the pulps were healthy

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!8';rt; Surgeon, March 1st, IS73 ; Surgeon-Major^ March 3lst, 1878: and

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was, however, pretty clear that the arm movements were

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Tansini also had a successful case ; and Terrillon succeeded in

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the Varieties of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Dr Goodhsrt: On some

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him various points that more immediately concerned the

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incision was made just over the original cicatrix. All the

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versely fractured. There was a second dissecting aneurysm

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that Baron Albert Rothschild, on the first anniversary of the>

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Oxford on Alay 18th. The subject will be Evolution and

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HosKital: c, B Sells, Guy's Hospital ; H. F. Shea, St. Thomas s Hos-

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general infection. This conclusion surely is in direct oppo-

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schein meets this difficulty by adding eight to ten drops of

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but sufficient account of the claims which Margate possesses

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SCRGEON T. R. PiCKTHORN has been promoted to be Staff-Surgeon, April

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cask, he was seized with a pain in the lower part and right

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of his inquiry into " The Metrology of the Medical Papyrus

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duction of improved methods— we ought not, in my opinion,

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M.R.C.S.; W. \V. Lake, M.R.C.S., L.S.A.; G. D'A. N. Leake, M.R.C.S.,

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dozen cases, and near at hand, Keynsham, 1 case, and also 1 in Tavistock

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Clinical Medicine at Vienna. It is thought the chair will be

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