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when a recommendation on the subject was made to the then

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in the direct track from the abdomen. Originally there was,

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showed the Kidneys, and Bladder from a case of pyo-

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meeting was held, under the presidency of Dr. B. W. Richard-

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Hnnnnrable nislinctinv.—A. Brown, M.A., B.Sc, and .\. A. Moore.

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take advantage of all the protection that revaccination can

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be found at this spot, and time was spent in searching for it,

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tinguished from the appendix. In many instances in which

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Case Iii.-Aslhave alluded to tliis other case of Dr. Pocock's,Imaysay a

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be improved; but we trust that we have also indicated suffi-

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carca;S, the medical officer did wrong in imposing conditions on its

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tunate practitioner is expected to examine candidates for the Society

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were no lights waving. His symptoms date from two years

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J. P., aged 4 years, was always strong and healthy up to the time

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their Flexor Tendons, following influenza. — Mr. A. E. Barker

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and Mr. Patten (re-elected). Council: Messrs. Burton, Brown,

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