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Dropsy of the pericardium occurs in connection with general dropsy

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If the tumefaction and inflammation are not subdued in four

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use of it without mentioning their results in connection with this

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its signs differ little from those of the adult. Death takes place usually

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which the largest number of cases originate, but few

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this purpose one may use leaf lard, cold cream, or vaseline, to each ounce

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with pliunbisni have lead ])oisoiiino; and die of it. Infants seem, as is to

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will unite with the cystic, the left extend- It would seem then that to determine

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sent in lesions implicating the optic thalamus. Thus we find it in all of

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brought about thru the creation of enough antibodies to offset

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panion of one of their highest gratifications, with such

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is well recognised. The period at which a lesion may be met with in

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qualities which cannot be successfully substituted.

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this law over two thousand insane, who had previously

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practitioners in their daily work. It is well illustrated. The

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is mentioned, occurring in little circular patches. He puts

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3. Handbook for Intpeetort of Nuuamoet, By Eowabd Skith, M.D., F.B.S.

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ished that he makes only thirty -eight contractions, equivalent

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prolapse. In case the wound is over the outer periphery of the iris a

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considered as characteristic. It would be impossible by the application of a

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(N. A.) K llecheniyu peremezhnikh likliora<lok pikrino-

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the whole of the hard palate. Now, the question of diagnosis of course

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following were the pupils in the Asylum: — Number at

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McMurtry, of I ouisville, the causation and pathology ;

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changes in the pancreas were responsible for the diabetes.

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made to prevent fresh cases of small-pox being brought

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the value of the treatment has been sufficiently shown to require every conscien-

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expended in reversing the decision, when the unfortunate lady died. (The

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pyosalpinx — the last by myself. I removed a pyosalpinx

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